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YOUv2 beginner workout program by Leandro is a party-like exercise that allows you go through some exercise that will make you sweat while you listen to one of your favorite groovy music. You will lose weight and enjoy the type of shape your body is becoming. The new shape your body will become will make you want to share your new pictures.

Who Is YOUv2 For?

  • YOUv2 is for anyone who wants to lose weight. The program is strictly for you.
  • You can invite your children to take part in the program because there is a children section incorporated in the program. So that your children can feel the groove along with you.
  • YOUv2 is for the hardworking woman, who wants to have a rock star body with the workout techniques.
It is for anyone who wants to achieve a new version of their body with excitement.

What Can You Get from YOUv2?

The features of workout you will get from YOUv2 are 6 workouts that are easy-to-follow. Also, you will get a DVD and there is an online streaming. A groovy themed song and a training ranging from “move your body” by Jennifer Lopez; “work it. Shake it” by Donna Summer. Also, “rock it out” a song that reveals the inner rock star in you, by Pat Benatar and sweat sensation which will vibrate your body and makes you lose some fat.

Some workout techniques are also included like sculpt shack and believe, achieve and tone.

Why Is YOUv2 Perfect for You?

YOUv2 beginner program is a complete party-like program that ranges from workout to a flexible meal guide which is perfect for all family members. As long as you want to lose some weight and enjoy a new version of your body. The program includes a children section which makes it perfect for everybody.

Why Is YOUv2 Not for You?

The program is mainly for people who want to lose weight only if what you want is to be slim, have a butt lift, body beast etc. the YOUv2 is not for you, because the outcome of the program is not for the type of result listed above. YOUv2 is created for you to lose weight and have a stunning look.

What Equipment Will You Need for This Program?

As far as YOUv2 is concerned you don’t need any equipment for the program. Use your mat and your body to lose weight but if you want to add extra value to it, you can add a pair of weighted gloves to burn more calories faster.


It is created for you to lose weight and have a stunning look. You will lose weight and enjoy the type of shape your body is becoming.

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How Long Are the Workouts?

YOUv2 comprises 6 workouts which are easy for anybody to follow. The techniques are sub-divided into 2 parts which are 4 cardio dance schedule and 2 body carving workouts.

How Many Workouts Are Featured?

4 Cardio Dance

  • Move Your Body: The cardio dance was originally recorded by Jennifer Lopez which will take you through some shaking and striking a pose to get to the best version you can be.
  • Work It. Shake It: The disco-themed song recorded by Donna Summer is embedded into the program for you to adapt to every work to gain a hardworking attitude.
  • Rock It Out: The dance of the rocky themed routine is like you are celebrating, dancing and sweating while you will lose some fat to gain a stunning look.
  • Sweat Sensation: Sweat sensation was incorporated with a song themed “Good vibration” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch that will take you through some sweating process.

2 Body-Sculpting Workouts

  • Sculpt Shack: The workout procedure in sculpt shack will burn some fat in your body while in a standing position to tone up your body muscles. It is incorporated with a groovy theme song “Love Shack” by the B-52’s.
  • Believe, Achieve & Tone: This includes some steps to get your lower body sculpted with some mat-based workout session with the song “Believe” by Cher.

Is There Any Nutrition Plan for YOUv2?

As all workouts always have a nutrition plan so does the YOUv2 also have a nutrition plan that helps you get rid of fat in the space of four weeks.

Benefits And Member Specials

  • YOUv2 has a printed material as well as a digital material for members.
  • Members are guaranteed money back and even if a member cancels their membership within 30 days.
  • YOUv2 have a DVD for members also an online streaming is available.
  • Members can bring their children along.

Results Expected

YOUv2 workout program will help you get a new version of yourself; the fitness level you ever imagined can be achieved with YOUv2. As the name implies it’s going to reveal the astonishing look in you.


In a nutshell, the YOUv2 workout program is for anybody, no matter your weight and your endurance level, it helps sculpt your muscle and reveal the best version of your body you longed for.

Five Pros:
  1. The program is party-like while you get the expected result.
  2. It is available for all size and fitness level.
  3. There is a track your progress calendar available for motivating you to keep moving.
  4. The program is open to all ages.
  5. There is a grace of split payment i.e. you can pay two times.

Five Cons:
  1. Streaming online might be slow due to connection problem.
  2. The program does not develop sexy abs as required by some members.
  3. Result varies due to individual difference.
  4. Some people might not like the dancing part of the program.
  5. You need to listen to the groovy song to move along.

Why Join YOUv2 Program?

If all you desire is to have a new version of yourself and to make your body look irresistible. The program is the best for you because it is fast result oriented, party-like, motivating and there is guaranteed money back after 30 days.

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