What is LISS?

What is LISS?

When it comes to cardio and workouts in general, there are numerous types and methods. You are able to choose from a wide range of exercises that will help you to achieve your personal fitness goal. No matter what type of program you’re on, cardio should be involved in it. One type of cardio training that has endless benefits is LISS.

Low-Intensity Steady State cardio, aka LISS, is a low endurance training. It could be swimming, running, cycling, or walking. However, it needs to be at an easy and relaxed level. By using this method, you won’t be pushing your body to its limits. Instead, you will aim for a steady state cardio.

It provides overall well-being and better health. It can come as a break from your intense training schedule. For instance, it’s ideal if you want to have an active rest day. Furthermore, by doing LISS cardio, you will be less prone to injuries.

  • Improves your fitness performance – If you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re recovering from an injury, LISS is a perfect solution for you. It will build up your performance and fitness. You are able to practice it a few times per week and it does not come heavy on your joints or muscles.
  • Easy to follow – Many people don’t like high-intensity workouts. Therefore they often choose this type of cardio. It’s not difficult to stick to it and it’s much more enjoyable. You can go for a walk with your dog or a friend, listen to music and enjoy nature. It’s relaxing and you won’t feel like you’re obligated to do it. You’ll look forward to every workout.
  • Enhances recovery – LISS session after a long and intense week can come in handy. It could be very beneficial for you and your body. By incorporating LISS to your fitness routine, you will provide your body with a better and more quality rest period. LISS is a low impact and it’s easy to fit it into your schedule. In addition, this type of cardio can improve your blood flow and reduce soreness.
  • Improves fat burning process – If you want to burn fat effectively, you need to provide your body with more oxygen than usual. Low-intensity training deliver big amounts of oxygen to your body. Hence, if you incorporate LISS into your daily regime, you will increase your energy expenditure. Hence, you will burn more calories.
  • Increases energy levels – If you do a sedentary job, LISS can meet your needs. It gets your heart rate up and improves your mental health. Just by going for a half an hour walk during your break at work, you can do miracles for your brain, lungs, and heart.
  • Enhances immunity – By doing LISS workouts, you will be less prone to getting flu or colds. It’s great for your cardiovascular health and it reduces stress at the same time.
  • Regulates hormones – In addition to these benefits, LISS is also a great option if you have problems with your hormones. Restorative activities are beneficial for hormone regulation and they can improve your mood too.

Cardiovascular exercises are like a double-edged sword. They are able to help you with fat loss, but they can also yield muscle loss. With that being said, it’s important to know that LISS is one of the best options when it comes to muscle maintenance.
Too much cardio indeed can hinder your lean muscle mass, but if you practice LISS instead, you won’t have to worry about that.

Types of LISS Cardio

There are many different forms of doing LISS cardio, and every one of them is advantageous. They are low-intensity and they make you stay consistent. Also, your body is obligated to use fat stores as energy, since you are active for a long period of time. It can be performed for 30 minutes to an hour, even a few times per week if you want to.

Examples are:

  • Jogging
  • Fast walk
  • Inclined walk
  • Light swimming
  • Walking up the stairs
  • Using some type of cardio machine
  • Moderate rowing
  • Moderate cycling

How Often Should You Do LISS?

If you train very intense, doing a LISS session after every workout can be beneficial for you. That way, your body will wind down and recover faster. If you combine it with stretching, your muscles will thank you.

It’s crucial to find a balance between low and high-intensity training. A good combination of these two can yield fat loss and better performance.

If you’re a person that is building a fitness foundation, a LISS is a great option for you. By introducing it to your day, you will improve your performance and very soon you will see its effects.

In addition to that, it can come in handy for people that are recovering from an injury. Since they can’t put too much pressure on their muscles, joints or ligaments, LISS allows them to work out light and safely. Hence, an injured person will have a better mindset and motivation to keep grinding and not to give up.


LISS is usually the choice of athletes when they need to increase their performance, cardiovascular health, or fat loss. During this activity, there are plenty of responses that your body will give to you.

Your muscular system, along with the circulatory and respiratory system, will have to adapt to certain occurrences that LISS cardio yields. Some of them are increased heart rate and breathing, enhanced energy expenditure and enlarged oxidation.

For maximum benefits, try to consume a small meal before you go out for a cardio session. That way, your body will have energy and it will be fueled. Therefore, it won’t have to use muscles for energy. In order to preserve nitrogen balance, try to consume amino acids and whey protein before cardio.

Your body will be in a semi-fasted state and it will enhance protein synthesis.

After many studies, it’s shown that your body will use calories from fat and not from glycogen for energy during a LISS session. In addition, it promotes quicker recovery that will help you to perform better during a resistance workout. It comes easy on joints and tendons.

Lastly, LISS cardio is a great option for those who are overweight, have a sedentary lifestyle or are in a bodybuilding contest regime.


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