Why People Stop Working Out and How To Prevent It

Why People Stop Working Out And How To Prevent It

In our lives, we all failed to achieve a certain goal at some point. However, when it comes to fitness, a number of people who have given up on their plan is only higher. Why is that happening? Why do people struggle to keep going towards their goal? We have some ideas about what the problem could be.

There are a plethora of reasons why we fail to fulfill our goal. Sometimes we can’t control those reasons; it could be a certain health condition or an injury. On the other hand, there are more of us that fail to stick to our plan due to the lack of motivation. We don’t achieve a certain goal when we said we will and then the disappointment comes along.

Consequences can be numerous. They range from beating yourself up over things you didn’t achieve to overeating and gaining back all that’s lost. There’s no need for this to occur.

In every person’s life, there is a momentum where you feel hopeless and without motivation, where you want to give up on everything. At that point in your life self-doubt is so deep that you can’t find a way or reason to come back. But, don’t forget that that’s only a momentum and that it will pass. Every problem has a solution.

Hence, we did a little investigation and found some solutions for what we think are the three biggest reasons why people give up on their fitness plan. You can take a look and see if they could help you. We most certainly hope they will.

You’re Not Seeing The Result You Want

If your primary goal was to lose weight, there is a big chance that you will give up after a few weeks. Why? Because not all of us know that our body needs time. You thought that you will start losing weight from the day one.

’Oh, I ate healthy all week and did my workouts every day, why am I not losing weight? Why am I doing all this for?’ That’s the most common reaction. Perhaps you don’t have a realistic goal. Therefore, what can you do about it?

The Possible Solution

Every change requires patience and dedication. Even if you’re not seeing the result now, it will come if you work hard enough. Don’t beat yourself up just because you’re not losing 5 pounds per week. It’s not that simple.

Also, don’t only weigh yourself. Maybe you’re losing inches without even knowing! Take measurements and keep track of them.

If that’s not the case, just don’t give up and trust the process. Your body will respond when it feels like it.

That’s the case with our bodies: we can’t make them change, but we can do everything that’s in our power to provide them with healthy nutrition and exercise in order to help them.

Just be consistent and make sure that you drink enough water and getting enough sleep. Also, don’t lie to yourself and eat one cookie here and there. Don’t give power to temptations! Stay strong and focused.

You Are Gaining Weight

When you’re working hard at the gym and prepare your own healthy meals, you would expect that pounds are disappearing easily. However, that’s not the case, isn’t it? Instead of losing weight, it’s exactly vice versa.

This happens very often and almost every person has experienced it at least once. Many individuals decide to quit because they don’t understand why it happens and how to stop it. It’s quite a good reason to give up now, huh? We don’t think so.

The Possible Solution

If you’re doing weight training, along with cardio, and you keep track of your calories, then there is a big chance that you are doing everything perfectly. If the scale is going up instead of down, there is a good reason for that too. The main two are:

  • You are gaining muscles – If you’re lifting weights, it’s very possible that you put on a little bit of a muscle mass. Don’t be scared if you are a woman. It’s difficult to get all manly and bulky without wanting it. You would have to eat enormous portions and to lift extremely heavy. And second thing is that you need to remember that you want muscles on your body. Without them, you can’t burn fat.
  • You have excess water weight – This happens very often as well, especially to those who are new at the gym. It’s their body’s response to working out. That way, your body heals and brings back the lost glycogen.

However, if you’re eating in a surplus or not keeping track of your calories, it’s possible that you are gaining weight. That’s why we recommend counting calories in order to know what you’re doing and how much you’re eating.

You Are Bored

Many people exercise only because they ’have to’ in order to achieve the desired look. If you’re bored or you make yourself to go to the gym, there is something wrong. You should not feel that way. That’s not the point.

You should be able to feel enjoyment, power, and satisfaction while you work out. The feeling of your muscles growing and to see how your sweat drips from your face should give you an amazing feeling.

The Possible Solution

If you don’t enjoy running like the most of the human population, then you should try to find something you really enjoy doing. There are so many options that you can choose. Talk with someone at your gym and try some new group programs that you might like.

You will have company and it will be a great workout for you. It’s nice to change it up a little in order to avoid the possibility of getting bored.

If you hate closed space and gym in general, try exercising outside. It’s a great way to enjoy nature, sun and to get a workout in.
You can always invite a friend for a walk, tennis game or basketball. Make every single activity you enjoy count. Mix your workouts up so that you will look forward to every single one of them!


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