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Tone It Up

Tone It Up is an online platform bringing together fitness, lifestyle and nutrition advice. The online community will help you invest in yourself and achieve your fitness and well-being goals – whether this is to feel stronger, eat healthier or get your dream beach body. New workouts are featured daily to help keep you motivated and keep pushing your fitness levels. The website also offers blogs and advice columns regarding lifestyle and nutrition topics, so you can keep up to date with the fitness industry and still feel entertained, inspired and educated.

Who Is Tone It Up For?

If you want to feel fitter, stronger and more confident in yourself, Tone It Up is for you! The wide variety of exercise styles and workout options means you will never have to be stuck in a gym exercising for hours but seeing little results. Instead, you can use the tutorials to exercise on the go, fitting it into your schedule, and see real results! There are also recipes and blogs to give your diet a makeover and finally let you perform to the best you can – inside and out.

If you are ready to start your fitness adventure, join and support hundreds of other women along the way, Tone It Up is perfect for you!

What Can You Get from Tone It Up?

By joining the Tone It Up community, you will have access to online workouts, nutrition advice, and recipes. Following the online social media sites also gives you the opportunity to connect with other fitness enthusiasts, share your transformations and give advice or tips. There is also the option to buy premium workouts, that give you a more detailed overview of exercise routines and help you get in the best shape possible. The BeachBabe premium workouts offer full workout routines that help tone, sculpt and define your body. These workouts start at $20.00 and offer both cardio and isolation resistance exercises to mix up and develop your training style. If you want to see maximum results, you can sign up for the nutritional plans which offer recipe ideas that allow you to eat your favourite foods in moderations or create healthier alternatives. The nutrition plans also provide in-depth 8-week meal prep guides and tips to help you successfully create and maintain your new body shape!

Why Is Tone It Up Perfect for You?

If you want to create your dream body, working out at your convenience and join a community of empowering women, Tone It Up is perfect for you. The multitude of exercise styles – HIIT, Cardio, Resistance, Yoga – will keep you interested and motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Why Is Tone It Up Not for You?

If you prefer to follow more intense exercise routines, then Tone It Up may be a bit tame for you. Although there are cardio based exercises and plenty of opportunities to add weights or increase resistance, if you’re into nonstop, heart pounding, explosive movements, you may not enjoy Tone It Up as much. The guides will help you develop muscle strength and size while toning your figure, but like all exercise routines, variety, commitment, and consistency always win!

What Equipment Will You Need for This Program?

  • For the yoga workouts, you will need a yoga mat for comfort and support
  • Enough space to perform the exercises and routines without disrupting anything
  • A water bottle, towel, and your favourite music
  • Some exercises incorporate free weights, resistance bands or raised surfaces – if you don’t have this or can’t visit a gym, get creative and use what you have around you.


Offers exercise routines, videos and workout tutorials to start getting your desired body shape and see your confidence grow. The nutrition guides and recipe ideas will help you to achieve your goals even quicker, feel happier and healthier.

Starts from $20.00

How Long Are the Workouts?

The tutorials and exercises vary in length depending on the exercise complexity and style of routine. You can combine exercises together to make up your own routine, and try to exercise for about 30 minutes at a time. The live workouts shown daily consist of 25 minutes of exercise, followed by 20 minutes of cardio.

How Many Workouts Are Featured?

Workouts are divided up into body parts to help target specific areas.
You will be able to work on your abs or legs, toning up, shaping and transforming stubborn body parts. There is also the option to follow total body, cardio, yoga, or kettlebell workouts to push your fitness levels even further and smash your summer body goals.

Is There Any Nutrition Plan for Tone It Up?

Yes! There is online access to recipes, nutrition advice, and meal ideas, as well as full nutrition plans once you have joined as a member.

Benefits And Member Specials

  • Premium workout videos start from $20.00
  • Nutrition plan membership – $150

Results Expected

Check out the transformation photographs for yourself! Real results can be seen on real people! Following the workouts consistently and always giving your all will help increase your fitness stamina, strength and improve your body composition. If you want to feel even healthier and make sure the results are maintainable, consider purchasing the nutrition guide, to get advice regarding meal preparation and planning. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste in the kitchen!


Tone It Up gives you the chance to start transforming your body and get in shape ready for your summer holidays. Follow the exercise routines, videos and workout tutorials to start getting your desired body shape and see your confidence grow. Combining this with the nutrition guides and recipe ideas will help you to achieve your goals even quicker, feel happier and healthier.

Five Pros:
  1. Follow Tone It Up on social media to see live workouts, get inspiration from other members and see real-life transformations
  2. Tone It Up is going on tour, allowing you to visit a festival that promotes fitness, friendship, fun, and food!
  3. Huge variety of exercises and workout routines for you to follow.
  4. Daily workouts are performed live on social media, allowing you to join in and keep motivated.
  5. Buy Tone It Up apparel to make sure you look even better when you’re following the fitness tutorials!

Five Cons:
  1. Mainly focused around bikini beach body themes, rather than powerlifting or pure strength.
  2. Advanced athletes may find exercises too easy, but they can be made harder!
  3. It is up to you to stay motivated and make sure you are performing the exercises properly
  4. You will require an internet connection to view the videos and exercise routines.
  5. Some exercises may feel a bit awkward or strange to beginners

Why Join the Tone It Up Program?

  • To improve you’re your current fitness levels and help you achieve your dream body
  • Feel motivated as you join in the daily workout exercises with hundreds of other supportive women online.
  • Jump right in and get started today. Even as a non-member you will be able to see online tutorials, exercises and workout guides.
  • Connect, support and encourage other people as you follow similar journeys and transformations together

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