The Top Five Online Workouts for Mums

The Top Five Online Workouts for Mums

Let’s face it, being a mom is not always easy. Time becomes precious and not always readily available. But, nothing is more important than your health & wellbeing, that’s why it is vital that you find a bit of time during your week to get moving, get fitter and get healthier. When it comes to fitness and exercise, quality is definitely more important than quantity. So rather than spending countless hours in the gym, I have compiled the top 5 fitness programs, targeted specifically for busy mums such as yourself to go out and give a try.

1. Knocked-up Fitness

Knocked up fitness is founded by published author, fitness teacher, and Bachelor of Kinesiology and Health, Erica Ziel. Knocked up fitness membership includes access to seven hours worth of prenatal workouts which includes deep core strengthening exercises, yoga sculpts workouts and prenatal reformer pilates tutorials and workouts. The program also has exercises to help prepare the body for baby delivery; tutorials to help relieve and prevent aches and pains; tips to treat diastasis recti or minimize the risk during pregnancy and a comprehensive nutrition plan.

All of this is offered at just $39.00 per month with no commitment and the ability to cancel at any time. With membership, you get DVDs, magazines, and digital versions so that the exercises can be carried out at any time convenient for you, in the comfort of your own home.

Why Knocked-up fitness is in the top five

Knocked-up fitness gives you everything you could want from an exercise program as a mum. The challenging exercises are catered for varying fitness levels so there is always an appropriate workout.

There is no commitment, so you can try the program, see if its right for you, and cancel at any time.

Workouts are short and snappy taking only 30 minutes out of your day.

The program focuses on promoting overall health and wellbeing, providing exercises to relieve and help prevent pains and problems associated with childbirth, and a great healthy nutrition plan.

2. Fit4Mum

Sports and Exercise Scientist, Personal Fitness Trainer and Exercise Specialist in Pre and Post Natal Exercises, Melissa, developed Fit4Mum in July 2007 as a way to help mums participate in local fitness and sports classes. It has since grown into an international platform providing mums with a fitness blog, a motivating online community and exercise programs that work around a busy schedule. The online platform provides the ‘Feel Great in 28 days’ package, costing £28, with daily easy to follow workouts sent straight to your phone, an online supporting community, direct access to a personal trainer and motivational messages. You can add a meal plan for £56 for the 28 days which includes plans that feed the whole family. The platform also offers specifically tailored online personal training, with a one-to-one consultation with Melissa to find the best program that will suit your goals. The price of this varies depending on your unique personal plan. All classes are online so can be completed wherever, and at a time that is most convenient for you.

Why Fit4Mum is in the top 5

The unique feature of Fit4Mum is the free consultation offered to develop your own unique personal workout plan. The exercise programs offered are therefore very likely to be effective as they are specifically designed and thus unique to you and your goals. In addition, the program focuses a lot in terms of motivation, sending motivational messages and providing access to an online community for support. The workouts are designed for mums with a busy schedule.

3. Fit Healthy Mums

Pre and postnatal expert Justine Switalla developed Fit Healthy Mums as an exercise program to promote health and fitness for new and expecting mums. The online platform offers a variety of exercises from cardio, weight training, and stretching. The program begins low intensity for mums who are around 6 weeks postpartum and have been given the all clear to begin exercising again from doctors and physiotherapists. The exercises progress in terms of intensity as the weeks go on. The platform provides exercise programs to be completed at home and at the gym for one payment priced at $97 for a lifetime membership.

Why Fit Healthy Mums is in the top five

The program is specifically targeted for mums who have just given birth and want to get back into shape, with a variety of exercises to be completed in a variety of environments (the gym and at home) to keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goal. The program is focused on a sustainable plan, so there is no crash dieting or crazy intense workouts. The videos are only 30 minutes in length so can fit into a tight schedule. There is no joining fee, and a one-off payment for a lifetime membership, meaning no monthly direct debits.

4. Body Beyond Birth

Physiotherapist and certified Pilates instructor Becky Dyer, and Jackie Steele a certified Pilates instructor developed Body Beyond birth as a program to support mums to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program uses a holistic view to design the exercise programs, providing not only pilates, yoga, and cardio classes but also meditation, relaxation videos, and nutrition plans. All the videos provided are online so the exercises can be carried out in the comfort of your own home at any time of day. There are different programs available which are catered to different fitness levels. The price of each program varies from $139 – $165 as one-off payments with options to pay monthly.

Why Body Beyond Birth is in the top five

The unique feature of this workout program is its more holistic approach to supporting health and fitness. There is a lot of support offered so that mums can keep both physically and mentally healthy. The program also provides exercises to relieve any pains and strains associated with childbirth. Exercise classes are only 20 minutes long so suitable for any mum with a busy schedule.

5. YummyMummy Fitness

The program has been developed by Simone a 13 year experienced personal trainer. The program developed provides exercises that can be completed by the family, and specifically targets time poor mums. The program is home-based so can be carried anywhere at any time. There are different programs offered which have different goals, such as the Detox package and the 8-week body and mind transformation. The programs range in price, with one-off payments ranging from £99 – £200, or weekly payment options of around £30-£35 per week. There is the option to sign up for the programs as a pair with your partner at a discounted price for two.

Why YummyMummy Fitness is in the top five

The platform caters not only for mum, but also considers the whole family, with options to add your partner to exercise programs so you can both work towards the same goal; to improve your overall fitness and health. There are a variety of classes, some as short as 15 minutes perfect for a busy schedule. The platform also has specific challenges that help motivate you to stick with the program.

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