The Top Five Online Workouts For Busy People

The Top Five Online Workouts For Busy People

Online fitness programs can be excellent in providing you with the correct information and workout plans so that you can achieve your specific health and fitness goals. There is a huge diversity of online fitness programs out there, so it is very likely that you are able to find one that suits your unique lifestyle. If you work on a busy schedule, it can often feel impossible to find time out of your day to fit a much-needed workout routine. Luckily for all you time poor individuals, it has been found that short bursts of intense exercise are more beneficial than hours of non-stop sweating and pounding. I have searched and scoured the web for you to compile my top five fitness programs, especially suited for busy people.

1. Fitness Blender

Developed by fitness trainers Kelli and Daniel, Fitness Blender provides completely free online workout routines. The webpage has a huge variety of fitness routines providing workouts such as HIIT cardio; upper body workouts; relaxation sessions; body stretching workouts; pilates and yoga routines. You can filter the workout database based on you difficulty preference, preference of trainer, training type, duration, and the amount of equipment used. Thus anyone can use the platform as there is bound to be a program appropriate for you.

Workouts are all online videos so can be completed anywhere, at any time, with internet access and an appropriate device.

Alternatively, you can sign up to specific programs, that provide a specific plan over your chosen duration, length of workouts, difficulty, training type, and equipment needed, to enable you to achieve a set goal. These plans vary in cost, with the longest 8-week programs costing $14.99 as a one-off payment.

Why Fitness Blender is in the top five

Fitness blender provides workouts that are accessible for all, and the price is relatively cheap compared to other online fitness programs. There is no contract or catches.

Once you have signed up for the platform you have access to the online community and you can also plan your workouts in advance using the platforms inbuilt calendar, both of which will help you stay motivated.

On top of the programs offered, the platform also provides free online workout classes such as the 7-minute workout, which can fit easily into a tight schedule.

2. Michelle Bridges 12WBT

Personal trainer, author and TV personality Michelle Bridges developed 12WBT as an online fitness program as a 12-week body transformation targeted mainly for females. The program costs either single payment of $199 or a weekly payment of $19.99. With this, you obtain exercise and nutrition plans to help transform your body.

Why Michelle Bridges is in the top five

This program is excellent for anyone wanting a complete body transformation. Everything is pre-planned for you, from your exercises to your nutrition. All you have to do is follow the plan and pass through each stage, the pre-season stage, to the 12-week program, and onto ‘graduation’. With mindset videos and progression measures, the program strives to keep you motivated. What’s great about it is that the exercises can be performed anywhere, outside on your lunch break, or at home. Most importantly there is a variety of express workouts to suit time-poor individuals perfectly.

3. JST Compete Program

Steven Fawcett, the first UK qualifier for the CrossFit games is the head programmer for the JST Compete Program. The program is aimed at individuals aiming to compete in moderate to high-level fitness programs. The program provides online demonstrations of CrossFit exercises and workout plans. Costing a monthly payment of £40 for one program or £80 for an individualized program.

Why JST Compete Program is in the top five

Crossfit exercises are all about packing a high-intensity workout into a short amount of time. With exercises and programs pre-planned by ex CrossFit competitor Steven Fawcett, there is no cherry-picking, so following this program will help you achieve your performance goals in a short amount of time. This online program is perfect for individuals at a high fitness level, and even at competition level, who may be finding it difficult to pack in the demands of training into a tight schedule.

4. Do Yoga With Me

Yoga instructor David Procyshyn began videotaping his yoga lessons and posting these online. The platform has now grown into an international platform, with a huge database of online yoga classes for all abilities. Some programs are completely free, and others are by your contribution only. There is a huge variety of programs, some targeting flexibility, others mental health, and others strength and mobility.

Why Do Yoga with Me is in the top five

The online platform provides programs which are absolutely free and can be completed anywhere. Exercise classes in each program vary in length, with the option to do short 15 minute routines. Classes are not all about physical fitness and wellbeing. The platform also provides exercise programs to achieve better mental health, with routines that target stress, anxiety, and depression, for relief. This is thus a program that has a more holistic view of healthy living, focussing on both mental and physical wellbeing.

5. Kenzai

Yoga teacher Patrick Reynolds devised the Kenzai fitness program following his experience completing Chen Zhongtao’s, a martial arts trainer and teacher, workout plan. Patrick was so impressed with the results that he personally experienced he decided to share his progression, forming the online fitness program Kenzai. Kenzai provides exercise class, nutrition advice, education, and support to its members. There is a range of programs offered: running, specific training, and bodyweight training, just to name a few. The price ranges from $395-$595 as one-off payments.

Why Kenzai is in the top five

The program is designed specifically for time-poor people, to get fast results. It is a gimmick-free program, with little to no gym equipment needed, with a variety of exercise programs to choose from. You also get your own personal trainer to help you stay focused and motivated to achieve your aim.

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