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The Body Coach – 90 Day Plan

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HIIT training, Bodyweight training, Fat Loss, Toning, Nutrition planning.

Benefits & Member Specials

The Body Coach 90 Day Plan has a two-fold approach to weight loss and transformation. This program includes 15 new exclusive real-life workouts together with over 180 tasty vegetarian recipes. The course includes 3 different cycles of training. You won’t have to starve since this new nutrition plan includes a wide selection of meals and snacks. You will be surprised at how much you can actually eat without gaining any weight.

At the beginning, every participant is given a detailed questionnaire. The team will tailor your calorie and micronutrient plan based on the data about your nutrition, body measurements, lifestyle, and health. After all 3 cycles of transformation, every participant gets all essential information to sustain results. Also, there is unlimited access to online Support through Live Chat and the official Facebook community.

Why It’s Right for You

If you are not a fan of strict diets, this plan is for you. It includes burgers, curries, and pancakes, along with other delicious things prepared the right way.

This 90 Day transformation plan does not require spacious gyms or any specific location. You can exercise either at home or at the gym. The workout lasts between 25-35 minutes, which will suit people with different schedules and occupations.

During the 2nd and 3rd cycle, you may need dumbells, which are easily replaceable by certain household objects if needed.

If you like sharing your experience, there is always an opportunity to get motivation and support from the Facebook community.

90 Day Plan

Get new exclusive real-life workouts together with over 180 tasty vegetarian recipes.


Results Expected

Most members who practiced the 90 Day plan from The Body Coach lost weight and improved their health.

Many participants happily report that their constant wish to eat disappeared. In addition, 90 days is a long enough period to form healthy habits (e.g. exercise, drink enough water) and to keep them.

Of course, results vary depending on the health conditions and performance, but overall people report that this program changed their lives, they began feeling healthier and happier.

90 Day Plan


The Body Coach 90 Day Plan contains over 180 incredible vegetarian recipes. The creator of this program loves cooking healthy and delicious meals and wants his students to do the same. The meal portions are tailored for each participant. The meals are meant to be diverse yet quite simple to cook. The diet is tailored to provide all the micronutrients your body needs to feel good and not to feel hungry. Compared to the last-year edition there is much less tofu and soy meat in the recipes. In addition, the diet will be adapted to your particular health conditions.

Five Pros:
  1. Variety of food choices:

    This diet feels more like a holiday than starvation to lose weight. It gives many healthy and delicious options. You can enrich your menu while learning to eat right.

  2. Time-saver:

    You won’t waste your time getting to the gym. And the program itself does not demand much time. Active exercises will take only 25-35 minutes of your time. Also, you won’t waste time deciding on your weekly menu since you will have everything planned for all 90 days.

  3. Complex Approach:

    Many programs offer a one-sided approach concentrating only on physical activity and omitting such an important thing as a diet. This program offers a balanced approach that helps lose weight and keep your progress.

  4. Change that lasts:

    Every graduate of the program receives a graduate package with all the necessary information to keep your progress and not to slip back into old habits.

Five Cons:
  1. A certain amount of motivation required:

    To get results you will need to follow the program. This may require to change some of your current habits.

  2. Food preferences:

    This is a vegetarian food plan, so people who are used to eating meat every day may find it difficult to follow.

  3. Cooking required:

    All the recipes are well-explained, but if a person eats out most of the time, you will have to alter these habits.

  4. No every-day tracking:

    Your results are monitored by the Support team, but the 90 Day Plan does not offer an app that tracks your progress every day.

  5. Allergies to certain ingredients:

    Some participants may find they are allergic to certain ingredients. In this case, most of the recipes can be altered by the Support team.


90 Day Plan is in the form of a mobile-friendly pdf. You can easily access it from your mobile phone. To connect the Support team wifi connection will be needed.


The Body Coach 90 Day plan has transformed the bodies of more than 100 000 people! The creator of this plan, Joe Wicks,  believes that his mission is to teach people how to build strong, fit bodies without going hungry. You can see some of his workouts and the testimonials of the participants on his youtube channel.

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