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Sweat With Kayla

What Is Sweat With Kayla?

Sweat With Kayla is an online platform allowing people to connect from all over the world. As a leading female within the fitness industry, Kayla Itsines developed the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) programme to help people achieve their fitness goals through shorter and more intense workouts. With nearly 10 years of personal training experience, Kayla is committed to helping you increase your strength and fitness levels, providing e-books that guide you through workouts and offer nutritional help.

Who Is Sweat With Kayla For?

Sweat with Kayla and the Bikini Body Guides are for anyone interested in shaping up for summer! They present 12-week programmes that can be accessed online, all with detailed explanations of different workouts and exercises that will help get your heart racing and sculpt and define your body.

What Can You Get from Sweat With Kayla?

  • There are several bundles you can buy directly, including the BBG 1.0 or Nutrition H.E.L.P guide.
  • The 12-week workout plan provides detailed guides showing effective workouts and exercises that can help get you bikini body confident. The diagrams are clear enough for beginners, but also show how they can become more advanced through increasing the difficulty.
  • There is also the option to buy together, or separately, a nutritional H.E.L.P guide, allowing you to learn what food to eat and how you can still enjoy tasty meals while speeding up your metabolism.

Why Is Sweat With Kayla Perfect for You?

Sweat with Kayla is perfect for anyone who is not looking at spending hours in the gym.

The workouts last less than 30 minutes and can be performed at home, usually with minimal equipment, allowing you to fit exercise around your daily routine. The online support from the fast-growing and worldwide BBG community is a perfect way to find motivation, ideas, and guidance.

Why Is Sweat With Kayla Not for You?

If you prefer slower steady-state exercise, you may be less interested in the programmes designed by Kayla Itsines. These workouts are designed to be quick, explosive and full of energy.

What Equipment Will You Need for This Program?

  • Enough Space to work out and perform the exercises safely
  • Some exercises require weights, if you aren’t working out in a gym then get creative and think about using something you might have lying around at home!
  • Again some exercises require raised platforms or surfaces – this can easily be substituted for a chair, table or bench if you’re outside.
  • A water bottle, a yoga mat, a towel and your favourite playlist are always great additions!

(A full list of all the equipment you may need can be found online before buying the guide. https://sweat.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007642887-Required-Equipment)


Achieve your fitness goals through shorter and more intense workouts. Transform your body into a new sleek and sexy version of you.

£72.87 Bundle Package

How Long Are the Workouts?

The 12-week workout plan is made up of a 189-page guide, offering a wide variety of exercises and routines that can help give you a total body workout or target specific problem areas.

Each workout is under 30 minutes, allowing you to perform High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), without taking up your whole day. This style of workout will definitely raise your heart rate and cause you to break a sweat.

How Many Workouts Are Featured?

The workout guide consists of over 189 pages and is full of exercises to help target problem areas, and also work upon total body fitness. The workouts include both compound and isolation strength based movements, as well as plyometric and cardio style exercises.

Is There Any Nutrition Plan for Sweat With Kayla?

Yes! The H.E.L.P guide is solely based on nutrition and gives you a 14-day eating plan. You can learn what foods will help burn fat without compromising on healthy and delicious meals. As well as this, the BBG community on social media is a great place to share recipes and meal ideas with other people and learn diet tips yourself.

Benefits And Member Specials

  • Bundle package of the dietary H.E.L.P. plan & 12-week workout guide – £72.87
  • H.E.L.P. plan alone – £42.50
  • 12-week workout plan alone – £42.50

Don’t forget to choose the vegetarian option, if needed, to make sure meals are adapted for you!

Results Expected

Following the workout guide and nutritional diet advice will help transform your body into a new sleek and sexy version of you! Not only will you feel fitter and stronger, but you will also have a better outlook on life, as you can make healthier choices that still fit into your daily routine. Check out the feedback and results online to read reviews and real-life experiences from people who have tried the BBG guides and diet plans.


Joining the Sweat With Kayla programme allows you to connect with over 20 million other women and get healthier and stronger together. Not only will you grow in confidence and fitness, but you will also be able to change your nutrition through recipe ideas. The BBG community will help you stay on track throughout your fitness journey and together you can show off and celebrate all the hard work and dedication.

Five Pros:
  1. All guides are available as e-books instantly, no matter where you are in the world.
  2. Over 20,000,000 women worldwide have already signed up for the guides and seen impressive results.
  3. An online blog to see real-life transformations and learn more about how to implement a healthy lifestyle into your routine.
  4. You can buy Kayla Itsines branded merchandise that can help with your workouts, such as a water bottle, foam roller or ankle weights.
  5. The guides can be performed when and where you want – you don’t always have to go to a gym to get fit!

Five Cons:
  1. Requires hard work and motivation to continue exercising
  2. Some routines and workouts can be challenging at first
  3. Some exercises, especially those for more advanced individuals will require equipment.
  4. Remember, results and weightloss transformations are individual to everyone
  5. The workout guide is designed around HIIT style training so make sure your body can handle it – rather than slower, less intense, steady state workouts.

Why Join the Sweat With Kayla Program?

  • Connect with other fitness individuals worldwide and celebrate every success, transformation and achievement together.
  • Exercise from the comfort of your own home, or take the portable e-guides with you and exercise outside, or in a gym or studio.
  • Use the online blogs and forums to educate yourself about different exercises, styles of cardio and nutrition.
  • Sweat with Kayla provides endless opportunities for you to improve your fitness levels and help you achieve the summer body you’ve always dreamt of.

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