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Pilates, Stretching, Toning, Corrective, Prenatal

Benefits & Member Specials

This site is dedicated to the form and learning of Pilates as Joseph Pilates would have taught them. There are several different classes, including one for pregnant Pilates exercisers, and several for beginnings up to the expert level.

For $19/month, you can join the Pilates revolution in the form of a membership to Pilatesology. All the teachers certified on staff follow his teachings.

Why It’s Right for You

If you’ve always been a fan of the Pilates body, this is a very good place to start. There are different classes for Pilates beginners, from making it a habit, to working with it with the different machines and tools, such as the reformer tool.

Why It’s Not for You

Pilates is not for everyone, and not everyone is for Pilates.

If you don’t like Pilates, or if you are trying to get a bodybuilder or runner look, this website is not for you. 

Results Expected

Results can be seen after one class, which usually begins with the 30 day challenge. Pilates will strengthen your core, increase flexibility, and burn fat.


There is no nutrition listed on the website.


For $19/month, you can join the Pilates revolution in the form of a membership to Pilatesology.


Five Pros:
  1. Focused Program:

    The workout programs are focused entirely on you learning how to do Pilates movements, and then doing them in a fun exercise. There are specific classes you can take depending on your level of comfort and experience.

  2. Accessibility:

    The membership benefits such as videos and emailed newsletters, along with the website, which can be accessed from any device, including mobile devices.

  3. Lots of Variety and Flexibility:

    There is a large selection of different classes, so you can pick and choose which ones you’d like to do. The exercises are also different lengths, so if you have limited free time, you can still get a good workout in.

  4. Credibility:

    One of the biggest things about this online platform is how it is backed by Pilates’ found Joseph Pilates’ reputation.

  5. Quality:

    The videos on the platform are high quality and deliver on the promises for a good workout.

Five Cons:
  1. A Certain Amount of Discipline is Required:

    Membership requires discipline on the part of the member, just like every gym. The members will get their daily subscription email, but there is no tracker to make sure the member is keeping up with their programs.

  2. Injuries or Physical Decline can Hamper Progress:

    If you have medical conditions, it will be hard to start on a level where you will be able to lose weight quickly. Building up muscle and stamina when you have not worked out in a long time, or lead a sedentary lifestyle, it will be harder to get the programs started.

  3. A Lot of Variety:

    Pilatesology programs have a large list, and it can be hard to find a good starting place, or it might be tempting to jump around before any good workout results really start to show.

  4. Monthly Payment:

    The monthly membership payment is $19, or $150 for the year, for access into the videos, which can add up pretty quickly, especially if you have issues with accountability, packed schedules, or physical limitations.

  5. Pilates Focus Through and Through:

    This is a specialized program for Pilates learners and there is no weight lifting, cardiovascular endurance training, or resistance training specifically addressed along with all the Pilates workouts.

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For $19/month, you can join the Pilates revolution in the form of a membership to Pilatesology.

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