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P90X3 Review

P90X3 is a masterpiece program from Tony Horton and BeachBody. This workout program has 30 minutes of intense exercise designed to tone and strengthen your muscles. It is meant for adults eighteen years and above. It helps both men and women tone and lose body fat by following the diet plan and workout routine. It is described as a whole workout in half the time that can be done at home.

P90X3 offers three different approaches for working out Classic which is portrayed as getting ripped and strong, Lean which means the program is meant to tone those muscles without adding bulk. The Mass is the program created to increase muscle mass. The program incorporates several forms of exercise martial arts, Pilates, resistance training, yoga, exercises that promote mobility and agility, and total body resistance training. P90X3 has three kits that are sold that provide all that you need. The kits are Base Kit, Deluxe Kit, and Ultimate Kit.

Who is P90X3 for?

  • P90X3 is helpful to those recovering from an injury and trying to develop strength in the arms, upper and lower body, muscles, and legs.
  • P90X3 is for those who love P90x and P90x2, but they wish the workouts are not so long.
  • It is for those at an intermediate level looking for a simple exercise routine at home.
  • It is meant for those that don’t want to go to the gym but spend their time at home exercising.

What can you get from P90X3?

These are exactly what you will get from P90X3:

  • 16 Extreme Workout DVD’s,
  • A Nutrition Guide, Fitness Guide,
  • Pro-Grade Resistance Band,
  • 3 Additional Extreme Workouts,
  • Energy and Endurance Guide,
  • If you buy Deluxe kit, you will get two additional resistance bands with above-listed items.
  • If you buy the Ultimate kit, you will get Beachbody jump mat, results and recovery formula, chin quality chin up bar, and chin up max band with the items mentioned above.

Why is P90X3 perfect for you?

P90X3 is perfect for kidney transplant patients, overweight individuals and average men and women that want to tone up and be in perfect shape.

Why is P90X3 not for you?

P90X3 is a great workout but not perfect for everyone. It is for adult men and women that want to invest time in an exercise and diet routine to improve their health and how they look. Under adult supervision, teens will also find this program beneficial.

What equipment will you need for this program?

You will need a varied set of resistance bands or dumbbells, a pull-up bar/resistance bands, and gravity.  You will also need a towel and a bottle of water.

How long are the workouts?

Each workout takes exactly 30 minutes, and you will work out 6-7 days a week in 90 days.


Working out a home saves money as you don’t have to run to the gym or hire a fitness trainer.


How many workouts are featured?

There are 16 workout DVDs which were broken down into the following:

There are Six Muscle Resistance Building Workouts

  • Total Synergistic: This is a workout that helps you lose weight and firm your body with 16 specific exercises.
  • The Challenge: Workouts and exercises add strength to the upper body.
  • Incinerator: This is a full intense workout routine that pushes you to the limits of your abilities.
  • The Warrior: This exercise routine teaches you the techniques of pumping iron anywhere at any time.
  • Eccentric Upper: This workout develops lean muscles in the upper body over a few months.
  • Eccentric Lower: Develops a ripped lower body.

3 Cross Training Power Workouts

  • Agility X: This improves your overall balance, strength, flexibility and muscle strength.
  • Triometrics: These workouts will boost your speed and power in all exercises and workout routines.
  • Decelerator: This improves muscle stability and provides training for men and women

3 Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

  • CVX: This is a workout for resistance training that works participants up to a full body burn.
  • MMX: This will help you lose fat with its disciplined martial arts workout routine.
  • Accelerator: This workout will enhance your muscles efficiency and improve cardiovascular health.

4 Core Flexibility and Balance Workouts

  • X3 Yoga: is a routine designed to improve the whole musculoskeletal system and improve overall strength and balance.
  • Pilates X: improves joints, muscle strength, and stretching ability.
  • Isometrix: This is a routine that uses isometric contractions to help build solid muscles and a lean body.
  • Dynamix: It will increase your range of motion and help you maximize results from all different routines.

Is there any Nutrition plan for P90X3?

Yes, there is! The nutrition plan helps you build muscle and burn fat. It helps you plan meals and gives you a list of all the foods that provide energy while you workout. Some of the best sources of protein for the P90X3 diet are mackerel, boneless chicken breast, lean beef, ground turkey, salmon, tuna, trout, whole eggs, and whey products. The diet has plenty of fresh vegetables with the meals and a limited amount of fruit and grains.

Benefits & Member Specials

  • One of the top benefits of the program is it only requires 30 minutes a day of exercise.
  • Working out a home saves money as you don’t have to run to the gym or hire a fitness trainer.
  • The program is ideal for men and women with busy schedules.
  • First timers can increase the time to 60 minutes per day for 90 days to get used to the program.
  • The fitness and nutrition guide help you plan a healthy diet designed to get maximum results from the program.

Results Expected

P90X3 is a fantastic program that demands patience and discipline before you see the result. However, the results can be visible after as little as four to six weeks. Also, your results will surely depend on your own aspirations, but I can guarantee you 100% positive results if you do stick with the guide and follow Tony Horton’s principles.


Overall, P90X3 is a wonderful workout program which needs your total concentration while doing it. However, a huge number of consumers have found that though the system is effective, it takes some time for desired results to be seen. For this reason, patience and discipline are a requirement during the first month. Without an iota of doubt, P90X3 is an incredible workout program you suppose to try. Try it now and see its amazing results.

Five Pros:
  • The program is great for people who love the original P90X but do not have the time to complete the workouts, as some of the original workouts are an hour plus.
  • There is always a modifier to watch during the P90X3 workouts, so you should know how to modify it to your personal level.
  • P90X3 gives you the flexibility to choose from a food list incorporating carbs, proteins, and healthy fats.
  • You can customize the program to fit your needs whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser.
  • The program includes strength training, mixed martial arts, yoga, agility, Pilates, and plymoetrics during the program so you are never bored.

Five Cons:
  • P90X3 is quite costly compared to other at-home workout programs.
  • You may not be able to see results immediately, which is one of its limitations.
  • The program is packed with helpful information that may be maddening for those who have no interest in reading.
  • If you have done P90X or P90X2, this will seem very short. But you will find that it is a minor concern as you find most of the routines to be very challenging when you push yourself to the max.
  • Some of the workouts are very intensive which may be difficult for some people.


Working out a home saves money as you don’t have to run to the gym or hire a fitness trainer.


8 Total Score

P90 is a feasible program for almost everyone, even the busy people. It is a concept of shorter 25 to 45-minute workouts centered on strength training. You will really fall for the program because it is quite simple and it is geared towards most people. You will firstly think the program is only designed for the newbie and people returning to fitness, or for those who want a simple exercise plan. P90 is really amazing program, go for it NOW!

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