How to Get Toned Arms

How to Get Toned Arms

Arm flab and badly sculpted arms are not something that is pleasant to see when you look yourself in the mirror. This is especially true and common with women. They tend to work out mostly legs, and they neglect their upper body. That can lead to looser arms and a weak core. Even if they train the upper body, they often fear weights because of a possible ‘bulky’ look.

That can’t be more incorrect. Working out with weights will give you numerous benefits. You will become stronger and with more toned muscle. In order to get ‘bulky’ with big muscles, you need to eat enormous amounts of food in addition to your intense regular workouts. That’s not so easy to achieve.
Therefore, don’t be afraid to lift. You can sculpt your upper body and achieve that sexy back and arms you have always wanted. Let’s see some of the ways to accomplish that.

5 Ways to Accomplish Toned Arms

1. Stability Ball

By incorporating a stability ball into your fitness regime, you can strengthen your entire upper body. It engages your chest and core. In order to have stability for shoulders and arms, it’s important to work your chest as well.

A single-arm chest fly that is performed on the ball is one of the best exercises.

First, you need to put your shoulders on the ball. Grab weights that are suitable for you. Then, lift your hips while you hold weights with both of your hands over your chest. Extend one arm with slow movements to one side and then make a pause. Afterward, return it to the center. Repeat that with another arm by doing 15 reps on each.

2. Swimming

Swimming is a great way to sculpt your entire body, not only arms. While you’re in the water, every one of your muscles in engaged and they work constantly. No matter if you swim freestyle or butterfly, you will have the same amount of benefits. Every movement in the water is advantageous for your legs, arms, core, and back.

On the other hand, if you don’t know how to swim, there are countless options from which you can choose. One of them is deck press. Find the shallow part of the pool. Place your hands with bent arms on the side. Press by using your arms straight. Then, lift your entire body to hang by the edge. Make sure that you don’t use your legs and to focus on your arms. Next, return to the water and repeat 15 times.

3. Rowing

Rowing may be one of the most beneficial exercises to work your upper body. However, not many of us can say that they have access to a boat or water. Therefore, in order to get toned arms, you can stimulate the effects of rowing in your gym. Use an Olympic bar or any bar for bench press.

Put the bar between your legs. Next, make sure that you pick up only one side of it. Start walking backward until you see that you are in the middle of it. Bend your arms and get into a slightly forward position. Put the bar close to your body and extend it by using rowing movements. Repeat that 20 times.
If you want to add more intensity, use the same body position and circle the bar clockwise for about ten times. Afterward, do the same thing just counter-clockwise.

4. Yoga

We are all familiar with the benefits yoga has for our body and mind. Not to mention the effect it has when it comes to sculpturing our body.

It is used for centuries as a remedy for many diseases, however, nowadays people have discovered its benefits for toning muscles. By doing yoga movements, you will improve your flexibility and shape your whole body.

One of the techniques you can try is a downward dog. Start in the standing position and, bend from the waist. Walk by using your both hands forward. Stop when you see that your hips are high. With your heels, press into the floor and try to relax shoulders. Count about four breaths. When you’re done, walk into the plank position.

From there, lift one of your arms towards celling. Press into the back of your other foot. At the same time, rotate your hips and stack feet. Try to hold that position for about 4 breaths. Return to the plank from the beginning, and repeat the same movement on the other side.

5. Plank on Paper

Regular planks affect your arms, shoulders, and core. However, if you want to concentrate mostly on your arms, we suggest you try the so-called plank on paper. This exercise will help you to tone your arms and it will yield a better upper body look.

Use a paper plate and place one of your hands on it. Make sure to keep your arms straight. Your feet should be placed shoulder-width apart. Make 10 circles with the plate clockwise. After you’re done, repeat the same movements just counter-clockwise. When you finish with one arm, do the same with the other.

If you introduce this exercise to your daily workout regime, you will see big changes soon. If it’s performed regularly and if you commit to it, you will tone your arms in a no time.


You can’t just sit around all day and wish for sleek and sexy arms. You need to work hard to get them. With these few exercises that we have explained, you are fully equipped with all the knowledge you need. Make sure to do this a few times per week, and you will see magic happening.

No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro when it comes to working out, these exercises can be done by anyone. They are easily adjustable to every type of a person. You will also enhance strength in your whole body, improve balance, flexibility and posture.

In addition to these benefits, you will burn a lot of calories. That way, you will ensure the long-term toned body. Once you make these exercises a habit, you will become enamored with them. Not to mention the amount of joy and self-accomplishment you will feel once you start seeing the first results. You will become even more motivated to fulfill even bigger goals.


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