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HIIT, Cardio, Circuit training, Body weight training, Toning, Fat Loss, Core strength, Bootcamp, Kickboxing, Corrective, Dance, Yoga, Pilates

Benefits & Member Specials

You do have to create an account and pay a monthly membership fee in order to have access to their videos.

Crunch Live is the online gym extension of Crunch Gyms, a nationally known gym branch. On their platform on the Internet, you can find several quick-fit workout videos; these videos offer a variety of styles, genres, and lengths of quick exercises you can do anytime.

Why It’s Right for You

If you would like to have access to Crunch’s gym workouts, but are not near a location, or if you are looking for a new type of online gym you can do from home, this is a good selection. Crunch has experts with years of education and experience behind all of their workout videos. You can also access it anywhere, so if your office has some space for yoga poses and strength-training exercises, this is a credible source.

Why It’s Not for You

You will further feel the effects of being disconnected from the fitness world if you tend to be more of a social exerciser. There is also the $9.99 a month membership fee, which can be as much as a regular gym membership.

If you go to the gym as part of a routine, a way to get yourself some free time away from the house, husband, wife, or the kids, Crunch Live can be a complicated selection for you, especially if you are working out at home.  

Results Expected

The results you can expect from working out using the Crunch Live system depend on the exercise programs you decide to pursue with it. They have Yoga Body Sculpt, Fat Burning Pilates, and Barre Assets, among many others, to choose from. With the high degree of credibility behind their workouts and their instructors, it would be likely the average exerciser would see results in as little as three weeks, though it could be longer.


There is no nutritional information listed on their website.

Crunch Live

There is a $9.99 a month membership fee, which can be as much as a regular gym membership.


Five Pros:
  1. As little as 10 minutes a day:

    The workout programs on Crunch Live include workouts from 10 minutes long to 45 minutes long.

  2. Accessibility:

    The membership benefits such as videos and emailed newsletters, along with the website, which can be accessed from any device, including mobile devices.

  3. Lots of Variety, You Can Choose:

    There is a large selection of different genres of exercise, so you can pick and choose which ones you’d like to do. The exercises are also different lengths, so if you have limited free time, you can still get a good workout in.

  4. Credibility:

    One of the biggest things about this online platform is how it is backed by the physical gym’s reputation. The classes are straight out of Crunch Gym’s workout plan, and the instructors are qualified.

  5. Quality:

    The videos on the platform are high quality and deliver on the promises for a good workout.

Five Cons:
  1. A Certain Amount of Discipline is Required:

    Crunch Live membership requires discipline on the part of the member, just like every gym. The members will get their daily subscription email, but there is no tracker to make sure the member is keeping up with their programs.

  2. Injuries or Physical Decline can Hamper Progress:

    If you have medical conditions, it will be hard to start on a level where you will be able to lose weight quickly. Building up muscle and stamina when you have not worked out in a long time, or lead a sedentary lifestyle, it will be harder to get the programs started.

  3. A Lot of Variety:

    Crunch Live’s programs have a large list, and it can be hard to find a good starting place, or it might be tempting to jump around before any good workout results really start to show.

  4. Weekly Payment:

    The monthly membership payment is $9.99 for access into the videos, which can add up pretty quickly, especially if you have issues with accountability, packed schedules, or physical limitations.

  5. No Gym:

    While Crunch Live is an extension of Crunch Gyms, it can be hard to work out from home while paying a monthly membership fee. If you have a background in working out with machines or weights, you might be better off going to a local gym in order to help meet your preferences and needs.

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This program contains several programs specifically geared towards people with specific fitness goals. There are programs for brides to get ready for their big day, competition ready fitness shows, special diet fitness programs, and couples programs for weight loss.

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