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Core De Force

Core De Force, designed by two world-class trainers Joel and Jericho, was created for people who want to blast fat away from their body. Also, it is a perfect endurance training to tighten the upper stomach and have sexy abs. The program is suitable for anyone at any fitness level because of its flexibility.

Who Is Core De Force For?

  • Core De Force is for any individual that wants to get rid of the stomach or belly fat and have well-defined abs.
  • The workout program is for people that want to carve the body and have a sexy, good looking shape.
  • Core De Force is for people that want to have an athletic body free of fat.
  • It is for people who want fast and excellent results.

What Can You Get from Core De Force?

What you can get from Core De Force is 8 steps MMA workouts which is included in 3 DVDs, the techniques include; MMA speed good for upper body, MMA shred which includes the Thai-inspired kicks and elbows, MMA power which contains at least 12 rounds, MMA plyo, power sculpt, dynamic strength, active recovery, and the Core De Force relief, which is the fastest stretch ever.

Why Is Core De Force Perfect for You?

The Core De Force is a program from watching what you eat to an active exercise perfect for all people who want to have an athletic body and willing to get rid of the body fat.

The interesting thing about the program is that there is no bodyweight required for the program.

Why Is Core De Force Not for You?

If what you are looking for is to have a high cardio-paced workout, butt lift, maintaining your body weight, etc. the program is not created to achieve those results, though you might get the result, it is not created to serve this purpose.

What Equipment Will You Need for This Program?

Unlike all other workout programs, you aren’t required to buy any equipment to go through the workout training.


A perfect endurance training to tighten the upper stomach and have a sexy abs. It will carve your body into an irresistible shape, sculpt your muscles, burn fat, and increase fat metabolism rate.

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How Long Are the Workouts?

The 8 MMA workout techniques are divided into rounds which range from 5 minutes to 47 minutes.

It is a 30 days program which is included in a training calendar. The results of Core De Force are fast and visible.

How Many Workouts Are Featured?

The workout program Core De Force is divided into 8 workouts each sub-divided into rounds.

  • MMA Speed: Consist of 6 rounds which take 27 minutes to complete. It helps you build your upper body, and it is centric. Also, it is just like learning how to box in a short time.
  • MMA Shred: This workout is divided into 9 rounds which will be completed at the end of 37 minutes. It includes the Muay Thai- elbows and also kicks to make you lose fat quickly.
  • MMA Power: 12 rounds and 47 minutes you are ready to go through some explosive and defensive movement, which is a fast-paced cardio workout that helps you create a tight and lean body.
  • MMA Plyo: This also contains 12 rounds and last for 47 minutes, it includes the Muay Thai and plyometrics to get a total body and makes you lose 100 calories, that’s amazing and huge fat loss in 47 minutes.
  • Powers Sculpt: It consists of 9 rounds and 37 minutes of completion. It helps you build your endurance level and helps carve lean muscles.
  • Dynamic Strength: It consists of 12 rounds, and it takes 47 minutes, you need your body weight to do this, no equipment required to sculpt stunning definition of your body.
  • Active Recovery: It takes 21 minutes and not separated into any round. It helps you rest from all the active workouts and focuses on relieving the stiffness of muscles.
  • Core De Force Relief: It helps to stretch and fight against tight muscles and pain.

Is There Any Nutrition Plan for Core De Force?

All workout programs have a nutrition plan, and it is not different for Core De Force. There is a feeding plan that enhances fast result and helps to burn fat metabolism more than normal. It includes some simple menus and irresistible recipes.

Benefits And Member Specials

  • Core De Force has 3 free gifts for members who applied for the program which are core- kinetics and core- on the floor.
  • The program has 24/7 online support to get advice from the fitness trainers.
  • 30-days money back is guaranteed if the result is not as expected.

Results Expected

Core De Force workout program will carve your body into an irresistible shape, sculpt your muscles, burn fat and increase fat metabolism rate.

It helps you achieve the definition of the body without equipment other than your body. The program is created for young and old.


To make a long story short, Core De Force is a good and organized program for anyone who wants to sculpt the body muscles, burn fat, and lean. You will have a toned body without wasting too much time or using equipment. You will get the definition of the body you longed for. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to get lean and have an athletic body.

Five Pros:
  1. Core De Force is a good and fascinating workout; the highest time spent on a workout technique is 47 minutes.
  2. It is good for all endurance level because it is flexible and has a section to improve your endurance level.
  3. It is fast and result oriented, which last for 30 days to get a good result.
  4. If the result is not as required, you can order for your money back and still keep the free gift given at the point of purchase.
  5. The program is open to all ages.

Five Cons:
  1. The result varies depending of personal goal and effort rendered.
  2. The boxing part might be alien to some people who never trained how to box but will get along as time passed.
  3. You have to stick to the meal plan to have the metabolism rate as stated.
  4. The Muay Thai steps are somehow challenging.
  5. Though some results may be longer than 30 days to achieve.

Why Join Core De Force Program?

If all you crave for is to have an athletic body, tightened abs and good looking shape. The program is the best for you because it is fast result oriented, motivating and there is guaranteed money back after 30 days.

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