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Benefits & Member Specials

Those who sign up for Susan Ohtake’s program Burn360 are entitled to video workouts that are streamed online for paying members. The videos include approximately 20 – 25-minute workouts featuring short, high-intensity exercises focusing on cardio, strength, body weight and circuit training.

Included with membership is BURN360 Metabolic Reset and EAT360 Nutrition program for $39.95.

Sometimes there are promotions that include the above two programs along with three additional programs ABS360, RECOVER360, and the 5-Minute Fix. The total value of the main 2 programs and the additional three is $89.95, but in some promotional offers, the additional three programs are added for free.

You can also follow with a monthly membership that will enable you to access regular daily workout videos and participate in the membership forum.

Why It’s Right for You

Susan Ohtak’s BURN360 program is ideal if you are looking for efficient weight loss, fat loss, muscle toning, and shaping. The BURN360 Metabolic reset program is specially designed for women’s metabolism, and many reviewers are pleased with how helpful the program is after childbirth or around menopause. The exercise routines are convenient for people with busy schedules who have limited time for exercise and for those who have tried other methods, particularly intensive cardio programs, with little success in the past. These exercises can be done in your home with a pair of dumbbells and do not require gym membership.

I would like to highlight that these workouts are suitable for both – beginners and advanced. The trick here is to use the correct weight dumbells. Something challenging but still comfortable. If you do use the right weight, you will sweat! And if you also follow the EAT360 Nutrition recommendations alongside the exercises, you are bound to success.

Why It’s Not Right for You

Those who want to focus on cardio, such as marathon runners, may not find that this program is for them. In addition, people who are interested in intensive bodybuilding with heavy weights at the gym may need another program. Although men may benefit from some of the exercises, the BURN360 Metabolic Reset the program is specially designed for women. In addition, this program is focused on weight loss and fat burning and those for whom weight loss is not a major priority may benefit from another approach.


Ideal program if you're looking for efficient weight loss, fat loss, muscle toning, and shaping.


Results Expected

Susan Ohtak designed BURN360 Metabolic Reset to help people burn fat more efficiently, lose weight, and add muscle. Those who have hit a plateau with weight loss in other programs may start to see the scale moving downward. In addition, the program is designed to help participants lose stubborn fat reserves, build muscle, and tone the body. Participants should also see results in shorter, more intensive workouts. In this program, they can expect a leaner, stronger body through short daily workouts in the comfort of their own homes.


The EAT360 program contains meal plans and recipes that are specially designed to promote fat burning in women. Although the diet is low on carbs, it is meant to accommodate the way women burn carbs and fat. Susan Ohtake explains that the low-carb diets that work well for men may be too radical for women and can cause hormonal imbalance. Susan Ohtake’s diet coaxes the body to use carbohydrates effectively to promote fat burning in women. The diet is created to promote weight loss, encourage muscle gain, and boost the immune system.

Five Pros:
  1. Quick and Convenient:

    This exercise program can be done at home with a pair of 5 to 10-pound barbells. The workouts are less than half an hour and can fit into any schedule.

  2. Focus on Fat Burning:

    The program is designed to burn stubborn stores of fat that aren’t usually worked off in long cardio-only routines. The metabolic changes affected by this workout can improve the body’s ability to burn fat even when at rest.

  3. Strength Training outside of the Gym:

    With a set of dumbbells and bodyweight resistance training, participants can build muscle without having to join a gym and use expensive equipment.

  4. Specially Designed for Women:

    Susan Ohtake designed her program with a view to women’s bodies and metabolic changes. Female participants can feel that this program really understands them.

  5. Nutritional component:

    EAT360 complements the workouts and helps participants use macronutrients effectively for metabolic efficiency.

Five Cons:
  1. Much of the Focus is on Weight Loss:

    People who want to get into shape but aren’t primarily focused on weight or fat loss may want to try another program.

  2. No Free Trials:

    The only way to see whether the video workouts are a good fit is to buy the program. There aren’t samples on the website.

  3. No App:

    All of the videos are streamed or available on DVD. There are some who may prefer apps to streaming from the web.

  4. Focus on Women:

    Although Susan Ohtake’s focus on women’s metabolism is great for women users, men may find that another program may be better.

  5. Not for Marathoners or Body Builders:

    Those who want to focus on intensive cardiovascular exercise or lifting heavy weights may not feel these workouts are for them.

9.5 Total Score

Burn360 is ideal for women who are looking for efficient weight loss, fat loss, muscle toning, and shaping. Exercises can be done at home and do not require gym membership. Videos include 25 minute workouts and are quick and convenient. You also have EAT360 that complements the workouts and gives you the nutritional component.

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    Carolyn June 29, 2020 at 10:19 pm
    Beginner - Advanced
    Expected results
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    Love the workouts, love the nutrition tips and advice, love the way these exercises make me feel. Highly recommended. Challenging but easy to follow and it does bring results. I have lost a few pounds and inches during the initial 3 weeks metabolic reset already. So glad I discovered this website.

    + PROS: This is challenging like hell but it brings results.
    - CONS: Can't think of any. Maybe the monthly membership could be cheaper.
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