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Brazil Butt Lift Program (Beachbody)

The Brazil Butt Lift program by Alessandro Ambrosio is a butt training that helps you shape your rear end to your favorite shape and size. The workout program is for anyone that loves to look sexy and wants to reduce their butt fat. The result varies depending on your starting point, goal, and effort.

Who Is Brazil Butt Lift For?

  • Brazil Butt Lift is for those that crave for the type of celebrity butt and wants to get the definition of butt they ever wanted.
  • The workout program is for a celebrity that wants a butt lift to look sexy to fit their role in the industry.
  • Brazil Butt Lift is for people who want to focus on getting their dream butt size without paying much.
  • It is for people who don’t want a stressful workout because the training is easy-to-follow.

What Can You Get from Brazil Butt Lift?

You will get 6 easy-to-follow workouts, which are provided in three DVDs.
These include Basics: butt-lifting moves and techniques, Bum bum: lower body moves, High & Tight: butt attains new height, Sculpt: tighten and tone your muscles, Cardio Axe: cardio blasting workout, and Tummy tuck: sexy abs in no time.

Why Is Brazil Butt Lift Perfect for You?

The Brazil Butt Lift program is a complete workout program from diet to exercise, and it is perfect from all ages from 18 who desires to wear those skinny jeans and wants their butt to be high, round and sexy. And what makes it more enticing is that there is no size of butt to use this program.

Why Is Brazil Butt Lift Not for You?

In case you are after gaining strength, lose a lot of weight, looking to lift the butt to an extremely high inch or maintaining the size of your butt after completing the program. Brazil Butt Lift is not the type of program that possesses the above features; the reason of the above statement is not that the program cannot deliver some of the results, but it is not designed specifically for the results.

What Equipment Will You Need for This Program?

You don’t require any equipment for this program all you need is your body and your butt to get the lift you desired.

Brazil Butt Lift Program

This training will help you shape your butt to your favorite shape and size.

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How Long Are the Workouts?

Brazil Butt Lift workout range from 20 to 50 minutes, averagely all the workouts are about 35 minutes.

It is a 60 days workout scheduled with a booty makeover calendar and a measurement tracker card to track your sexy progress. Because the program involves sculpting and cardio axe, you will get the butt shape you want faster.

How Many Workouts Are Featured?

Brazil Butt Lift is broken into 6 hot workouts.

  • Basics: This workout as the name implies is the most important move of the program. It comprises the butt-lifting techniques and moves that help you lift your butt.
  • Bum Bum: This contains the moves that help you sculpt your butt and reduces the fat that doesn’t allow your butt keep to shape and it strengthen your lower body.
  • High & Tight: You need this effective workout technique to get your butt to the height you desired. This is the main aim of taking the program.
  • Sculpt: This workout gives you the muscular endurance and tightens your muscles from head to toe.
  • Cardio Axe: 30 minutes of your time is all you need to burn all fat away from your body.
  • Tummy Tuck: This workout gives you flat sexy abs and gives you the stunning look you desired.

Is There Any Nutrition Plan for Brazil Butt Lift?

Yes there is, Brazil Butt Lift nutritional plan often called the bootylicious meal plan.

It is a nutritional plan that entails an easy-to-follow meal plan which best fit your taste buds and your body. It includes the Brazilian-inspired recipes and snacks.

Benefits And Member Specials

  • Brazil Butt Lift will give you the results you wanted and guaranteed money back if the program doesn’t work for you.
  • The program will restore your hope of having the sexy bikini body you have been craving for.
  • Regardless of your butt size, or your fitness level, you can achieve the butt lift you desired.

Results Expected

Brazil Butt Lift program will help you get your desired butt lift and helps you lose fat and turn your body into a sexy bikini type. It will help you attain the butt lift without any equipment other than your body and butt.


All in all, Brazil Butt Lift is a well-organized workout program for anyone who is aiming to have the supermodel butt or the sexy bikini body without wasting much time in the gym or spending on extra equipment. Brazil butt lift will make your butt look sexy and make your body look sexy as well. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants a butt lift and wants to look sexy like the supermodels.

Five Pros:
  1. Brazil Butt Lift is very effective, and it is suitable for butt reshaping, firming it and rounding it to be sexy.
  2. Brazil Butt Lift meets your expectation, and it has no hassle or leaping exercise.
  3. Brazil Butt Lift is a quick workout program whose highest amount of time spent on each technique is 50minutes.
  4. Brazil Butt Lift is motivating, and it is good for anyone that wants to achieve a sexy butt.
  5. Real butt lift in 60 days guaranteed.

Five Cons:
  1. Some of the moves are tough at first but with constant training it looks easy.
  2. Because the video length is not too long, the trainer moves through the steps fast.
  3. The workout is for butt lifting and sexy abs only.
  4. Most of the moves are like repetition, and you can find it not interesting.
  5. The technique result differs depending on the starting point, goals and effort.

Why Join Brazil Butt Lift Program?

If all you desire is to have a sexy butt and to make your body look stunning the bikini. The program is the best for you because it is fast result oriented, motivating and there is guaranteed money back after 60 days.

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