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Body Groove

Type of exercise

Dance workout, HIT workout, Aerobics, Weight Loss, Toning, Nutrition planning.

General info

Body Groove is created to make you move and burn calories while having fun and dancing.

This program is meant to transform your body without pain and stress.

Benefits & Member Specials

Groove program builds its workouts on simple dance moves. Each participant is highly encouraged to adapt moves to his or her level and move the way it is comfortable.

Body Groove On-Demand is a streaming library of videos and workshops. They can be viewed on your smartphone, computer or even TV. Body Groove On-Demand members also can join the private Body Groove Facebook group.

Training plans (available on DVDs and online):

    • Delicious Dance is made of 32 easy, fun and effective dance workouts. Length 4-9 min each. They include different levels of intensity.
    • Body Groove HIT aims to boost your metabolism and help you burn calories really fast.
    • Dance Your Heart Out includes 5 workouts. Parts 1,2,3 will deliver an energetic fat-burning workout, Part 4 is Alive & Strong workout to add extra strength and Part 5 is a Relax and Restore workout.
    • Spicy Latin has energetic, strong and sexy workouts in the Latin style.
    • Gentle Groovy Yoga is a version of yoga exercises in combination with Groove’s workouts.
    • Gentle Groovy Pilates offers short workout videos adapted to your fitness level.
    • The House Party Collection is a great collection of dances to enjoy with your friends.
    • Bootylicious is a program aimed to strengthen your lower body.
    • YOUNG at HEART is a collection inspired by Roger and Yvonne Puckett. It’s a workout designed for people who need a gentler workout.
    • Body Groove FIT has a series of 20-minute-long workouts with Heather Winia.
    • Discover Your GrooveWorkshop offers a coaching session from INSTRUCTOR who wants to share how Groove transformed her unhappy and unhealthy life into a happy, energetic and healthy one

Why It’s Right for You

Do you get frustrated by lengthy and exhausting fitness routines? Do you have working out? – This program is just for you.

It makes people workout without even noticing they are exercising. You just turn on and dance. There is a wide variety of options for any taste.

The routines are chunked into 5-minute increments, which are easy to do and fun. Such small workouts are doable, they motivate you to do more and it is easier to follow the rule of “no zero-days”. What are 5 minutes? You’ll definitely be able to squeeze it into the busiest of schedules

Body Groove

Move and burn calories while having fun and dancing. No pain or stress.


Results Expected

Most participants report that they managed to melt off extra pounds, increase flexibility and mobility of their bodies and build strength and endurance regardless of their age. Many people say this was the first workout routine that made them want to keep doing it.

Five Pros:
  1. Upbeat mood:

    This program does not overwhelm the participants with exhausting demands. On the contrary, it creates an atmosphere of fun and happiness.

  2. Easiness:

    Many workouts are as short as 5 minutes. This is an incredible interval to form a good habit. Also, the fact that the program is pleasant to do adds up to the formation of a strong habit of exercising.

  3. Stress release:

    Most workouts are created to inspire you to dance, without putting too much effort. After the workout, you are very likely to feel relaxed and upbeat.

  4. Supportive Community:

    There is a Private Facebook Group to motivate you on your Groove Journey. Also, Groove participants can join retreats to meet up and dance together.

  5. Fits Every Schedule:

    Groove has a variety of workouts that can fit into even the busiest of schedules.

Five Cons:
  1. Habit change:

    This program is very likely to influence your fitness habits. And to gain better results you should also pay attention to your diet.

  2. No Diet-Plan:

    Groove Body does not offer food planning.

  3. Consistency needed:

    To get results you should work out consistently.

  4. Dance workouts:

    Not everyone likes to dance. Some participants might want to do other types of exercise.

  5. No Mass Gain:

    If you want to build your muscle mass, this program is not the best for you, since it does not offer such options.


The program also has an app (for iPhone and Android). It can also be viewed on TV or on your computer.

What makes this program special?

Definitely a mood! Most people don’t view this as a workout program at all. They are just having fun and get amazing results.

The instructor

Misty Tripoli is a creator of the Body Groove Method. She organizes retreats worldwide and shares an amazing transforming power of this group dance. She started this Global dance movement to inspire people to gather and groove on. She used to work for companies like Nike, Equinox, and Reebok, but quit her job and followed the calling to start this movement. Misty is an incredibly energetic and upbeat person.

9.5 Total Score

Body Groove is based around simple dance moves. You are encouraged to adapt your moves to your own level and in a way that is comfortable for you. You can watch a streaming library of videos and workshops on your phone, computer or even TV. Body Groove is all about working out without even noticing that your exercising. Fun and easy to do routines in 5 minute increments.

9.5Editor's score
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