6 Benefits of Yoga for Women You Need To Know About

Yoga has the unique capability of providing extraordinary benefits to the mind, body and spirit of a person- especially women. Experts say that yoga offers ladies joy, solace, and body acceptance. Many athletes have also started giving preference to yoga after seeing the difference it can bring to life. Everybody has their own reason to do yoga because it helps with posture, stress, skin issues and many other problems.

It is one useful remedy for women of all ages because it can help you find the emotional and physical balance that many people have trouble finding. Yoga literally works on every part of the body to provide support and direction whether it is the organs, bones or muscles. It takes you to another place where your mind relaxes and you suddenly feel your body gaining physical balance too. Yoga helps in letting you connect with your inner radiance. Joining a simple yoga class won’t do you any harm, in fact you will be pleased in the end.

The general advantages to practicing Yoga are well documented, but we have described 6 unique benefits specifically for females to start practicing it.

  1. Cure for Premenstrual Symptoms

PMS (Premenstrual symptoms) can be quite painful for many women. PMS puts strain on the nervous system which causes heaviness at the pelvic region, bloating, irritability and headaches. Yoga can help greatly in dealing with PMS. Besides, before and during the menstrual cycle, if you let your body gain flexibility through yoga, the blood flow within the organs will improve and this will eventually ease the symptoms. Yoga poses such as headstand, downward facing dog and bridge pose can provide relief. Posture troubles, back pain and menstrual cramps are also eased with yoga.

  1. Boost Fertility

Although studies that prove yoga enhances fertility are not readily available as of yet, it is certainly proven that yoga can reduce stress. Experts have noted that it can help in improving fertility in many ways. It allows the mother to relax and open the channels of energy. It improves blood flow which eventually improves the functioning of hormones in the body.

  1. Menopause Survival

Yoga provides commendable help to females going through the menopause. During this time period, women can experience a myriad of issues including anxiety, hot flashes, depression, irritability and mood swings. Yoga can help reducing most of these troubles. The yoga poses such as downward facing dog, shoulder-stand and bound angle are best. Learning to relax can help you to de-stress and overcome the hot flashes. Menopause symptoms can change every single day; some days you feel stressed while other days you can’t sleep well. Regularly doing yoga during this phase can be instrumental in helping you get by. Yoga helps cope with the changes in the body. These practices don’t just provide relief to the symptoms as they also improve posture, flexibility and mental balance.

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Aid

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can disturb muscle coordination, muscle function and cause various other issues. Research has shown that Yoga can help in improving the physical function and mood of the patient. 6 months of regular Yoga can improve the fatigue problem to a massive level. Yoga stances such as the mountain pose, warrior pose, cobra pose, and twist not just help in managing the disease but also improves breathing, flexibility, strength and achieves body and mind balance. Yoga helps in improving the overall wellbeing and fitness of the person.

  1. Emotional Health

Females have been shown to be more susceptible to become a victim of depression and anxiety in comparison to men and Yoga is an incredibly effective healing tool in terms of emotional health. As per a medical study, Yoga can benefit those individuals who are suffering from schizophrenia, depression, sleep problems and psychiatric problems. Regular practicing helps in boosting oxytocin which is a bonding hormone. It can also boost the production of serotonin which is the happiness hormone. Long-term practice of Yoga can heal the brain activity as well. This means it is a package full of emotional health booster for ladies.

  1. Support during Pregnancy

Yoga is extremely beneficial for ladies during pregnancy. When fitness and mood are improved, it will eventually help the mother to cope up the changes her body has to go through. The flexibility that the body gains is helpful during labour too. It is helpful in coping with the stress caused during pregnancy too. It is recommended to perform Yoga under the supervision of an instructor because there are some poses which are unsuitable for pregnant women.

Balance and Harmony Inside Out

Things are not easy when you have to multitask more than any other member of the family. Yoga comes to the rescue for females. A woman must have sound mental and physical health to play her role in life even if she is not running a family. Yoga is the magic wand that can provide the right kind of strength to women better than any other exercise. In fact, it can help women in all phases of their lives, physically and emotionally.

Yoga does not just provide the conventional flexibility and posture benefits, but a wide range of benefits which females cannot get from any other source all at once. It helps in developing muscular strength, avoiding obesity, improving the development of reproductive organs and creates balance amongst hormones.  This is all that a woman needs for ensuring a healthy living throughout her life. The aim is to bring balance and harmony in every developmental phase of life so that health and prosperity is ensured. The best thing is that Yoga poses are not tough; you can easily practice them at home too. However, newbies should perform Yoga under the supervision of an instructor to begin with so that excessive stretching is avoided and the intended benefits are enjoyed.

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